Payday Advance Huntington Beach

Need Cash? Less-than-perfect credit? No problem!
We Say Yes Fast! ….Approvals in 10 minutes.

  • Easy 5 Minute Application
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Same Day Cash Loans

Discover How a Payday Advance Can Help You

Are you in need of emergency CASH?  Our Payday Advance loans are a quick, convenient, and clever way to cover unexpected/overdue bills or get emergency money. Next time you are short on cash between paydays, call our Surf City Fast Cash store.

Get an easy payday advance for a variety of reasons.  Payday advance loans are used by many of Americans when the need for quick money arises to cover:

  • Rent, or other Monthly bills
  • Credit card expenses
  • Emergency expenses
  • Unexpected Car repairs
  • Medical Bills

The next time you find yourself with a stack of overdue bills with payday still two weeks away, call your friends at Huntington Beach Payday Advance Loans Fast Cash.  A payday advance loan from us will help you bridge this money gap until your next paycheck arrives.  Our payday advance loans are fast and easy.   Payday loans are often the perfect solution when cash is short between payday.   Call us today to find out how a payday loan might be your best option to bouncing checks at your bank.

What are payday advance loans often your best option?

Payday advance loans are a much better financial option than experiencing bounced checks that overdraw your bank account.  Additionally, they are a quick and easy solution to an immediate need for cash.

What if I have bad credit?

Not a problem at Payday Loans HB.  Our Fast Cash loans – you don’t need perfect credit to get a cash loan.  The vast majority of our new applicants are approved in 5 minutes.

How does it work?

It’s simple.  All you need is to be employed and have a checking account.  We have taken all the hassles out of getting a cash loan.

Payday advance loans made pursuant to Department of Corporations Deferred Deposit License by Cashline Loans.

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