Money Saving Tips

Tips for Saving Money & How to Gain a Short-Loan to Help Until Payday

Today’s tough economic climate has inspired Americans to look deeply into their spending habits and make adjustments where needed. Gone are the days in which lines of credit were quite easy to obtain to cover unforeseen expenses. This is why it is very important to develop a plan that will help you get ahead. We hope the following tips will help you out!

  1. Develop a budget. The thought of creating a budget is never super exciting, yet by creating one and sticking to it you will be amazed at how much you can save. If you need a cash advance, make sure you plan ahead so you know what you need to pay back.
  2. Cell phone & cable bills. Review your phone and cable bills to make sure that you have the best deal. Many times there are promotional rates that you can take advantage of or newly updated plans. You also may want to consider cutting your phone plan down. If you are stressed about funds, do you truly need a Smartphone? By eliminating your data plan and cutting down your minutes, you can save quite a bit of money per month.
  3. Use coupons. You’ll be amazed to learn that by using coupons you can cut down your grocery costs by quite a bit. You can find great coupons in your local newspaper and online.
  4. Ride your bike or walk when you can. Gas costs can add up, so dare yourself to dust your ole’ bike and get rolling or give walking a try.
  5. Pull out cash for the week’s expenses. Instead of using your debit card, pull out an allotted amount of cash each week, and when it runs out don’t pull out more. This will help you truly understand the value of a dollar and keep you from spending over your budget.

What if you are short on funds before payday and need a short-term loan?

In the case that you are short on money just days before payday, you may want to consider a Payday loan. You can gain up to $300 instantly when approved. The loan doesn’t require a credit check and won’t affect your credit score. You simply pay it back when you receive your paycheck via electronic transfer that is set up at the time of the loan. Because of today’s credit crunch payday loan rates are quite competitive. To be approved you will have to prove that you hold a job.

Jenny of Huntington Beach got a Payday Advance for groceries

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