5 Ideas for Financial Freedom in 2012

2012 BudgetHappy New Years! As you enter the New Year, we would like to provide you some tips for taking control of your finances. It is vital that as you navigate through the coming year and years that you have a plan for getting ahead and gearing up for retirement.

  • Know Your Needs Versus Your wants. It is best policy to restrict your spending to what you need, rather than all the things you want. For instance, you may have an old television that works nicely, but you think you need a brand new 3D model. If you have excess cash and can pay for the TV in full, you can definitely consider the purchase.In the case that you have to finance it and don’t have money saved up for the future, you should probably resist the urge and be happy that you have a working TV. Stick to purchasing only the things you need to survive when you are short on cash.
  • Set a Realistic Budget. Lay out all of your expenses and make the firm decision to stick to it. While staying on budget seems like a drag at times, one day you will be so very happy you developed the discipline.
  • Hide Your Credit Cards Away. Put your credit cards in a safe spot and only use them when you are in a dire emergency. It is very possible that interest rates may go up in the coming years. Don’t get caught owing when this occurs!
  • Make a List of Free Activities in Your Area. You would be amazed at how many free activities and events there are in most cities. It is possible to have tons of fun without having to spend a dime!
  • Locate Local Grocery Stores and Avoid Grocery Chains if Possible. Go out on a limb and familiarize yourself with local grocers and farmers. This often times can include Oriental and Persian markets, which mostly feature amazing local produce at discounted pricing.

In the case that you do find yourself needing emergency finds, you should definitely consider a payday loans, or  cash advances on your paycheck. By doing so, you will enter into an agreement that will force you to pay the loan off as soon as you receive your next paycheck. Thus, a payday loan Huntington Beach will help you get back on track, without leading you into a long-term loan that will be on your credit report for months and years to come.

Wishing you the best in 2012!

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